Dubai’s first wholly independent children’s bookshop

About Us

Bookworm – Dubai’s first wholly independent children’s bookshop is a true home-grown business. It was founded some 22 years ago by business partners Simon Cory-Wright and Ruth Kiernan, both parents and avid readers. Passion for literature and storytelling – shared with our colleagues and customers alike, has grown into a wonderful community that’s fostered through both our nation-wide School Book Fairs and in both our Al Ferdous and Meadows Souk branches.

The Affect of Covid-19

The past year has been tough for our small business. Firstly, the start of the year saw the company forced to close its flagship store in Dubai. It was founded in 2001 and rapidly became a favourite with children and parents alike. Unfortunately, the Park & Shop complex, in which it was situated, was marked for demolition and everyone at The Bookworm was heartbroken to see this local landmark – the home of many fond memories for Dubai-rooted families – crushed to the ground. This was followed closely by the impact of COVID-19, which forced us to shutter up all physical aspects of our business. However, it is the incredible community we are a part of and privileged to serve, that drove us on. Against a backdrop of solidarity and support, we’ve been committed to keeping the seams of our community together.

Once lockdown eased and in line with government guidance, we put protective measures in place that would allow us to open our doors again – and our customers’ cooperation has ensured we can keep everyone safe and reading. The reopening of our Meadows Souk shop was well received and the customer feedback indicated that we had been sorely missed.

Finally, we’ve been busy behind the scenes (and the masks!) designing and preparing our new shop, which finally opened on the 17th of July, in the Ferdous Complex on Al Wasl Road. It is so important to us to rebuild a physical sense of community again and a welcome destination for reading, community and tolerance.

Our Values

We passionately believe that books are some of the greatest gifts you can give to young minds, but we also complement our well researched selection of books with puzzles, crafts, board games and much more. All our gift ranges are chosen with the idea that it should be something MORE than just a fleeting pleasure, and often our gifts have an educational element to them.

Our Selection

It is vitally important that children are exposed to high quality books from a tender age so that a love of the written word is developed early on in a child’s life. We pride ourselves on providing the best range of books for children, from birth until they leave school at 18.

At The Bookworm not only will you find an extensive range of preschool books, picture books, early readers and novels but also non-fiction titles supporting curriculum linked topics, dictionaries, thesauruses, atlases, encyclopedias and home learning support. Should you be spoiled for choice then our Book Tokens offer a simple solution to making someone’s day. There’s something to excite and stimulate any young mind without the need of an electronic screen.

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Gifts and Novelties

Our Locations

Bookworm – Al Ferdous Mall

Near Pizza Express – Al Ferdous Complex

1 Al Wasl Rd


Opening Hours

9.00 am – 8.00 pm, every day.

Tel: 043945770

Bookworm Meadows

Meadows Town Center


Opening Hours

8.00 am – 10.00 pm, every day

Tel: 043689822

Book Fairs

Bookworm is proud to support communities with our School Book Fairs, featuring a wide selection of hundreds of titles chosen for pupils and their teachers. Working so closely with schools gives us the benefit of always knowing what our young customers are looking for and often recommendations for new books come from children themselves. There are always well trained staff on hand to offer guidance to students and their parents.

At our Book Fairs we offer tailor-made events for schools. In our selection of books we are respectful of the customs of the UAE and offer the best choice of NMC approved titles. These include:-

  • New titles
  • Best sellers
  • Non-fiction
  • Home learning
  • Activity books

If you would like to learn more about how you can bring a Bookworm Book Fair to our school, please contact:

Ruth Kiernan – 0506121458

Simon Cory-Wright –  0505155031

Email :

*******While school events are postponed we have introduced Online School Book Fairs which are also enjoying great success and participation. These events enable us to be able to stay a partner of schools and part of the UAE community of families and students.

To book your Online School Book Fair please contact Ruth Kiernan, 0506121458.